The Homeless Trio
is the creative
  collaboration of Zach Burks, Mark
  Chaban, Slim Chill, & Adam
  Lansky. Filmed on 12/31/04
  at various South Florida sites, the
  work highlights the plight of three
  free spirits (i.e., homeless drunks).

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  directed by: Mark Chaban

  writing credits: Zach Burks, Slim
    Chill, & Adam Lansky

  cast overview:
betsy roberts:...Mark Chaban
    the beatkeeper:...Zach Burks
    physical expressionist:...Slim Chill
    the poet:...Adam Lansky

  runtime: 44 minutes

  format: mpeg

  file size: 430MB

The Homeless Trio (Re-Edited) from Mark Chaban on Vimeo.


  Haunted Houses was an 80s cover
  band produced by Sigfreid
  Chuckleford. Formed in October
  2004, the band featured: Vincent
  Marx, Nigel Hightower, David
  Adams, & Christopher Kahnathen.

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    interview with Nigel and David

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    the Haunted Houses homepage

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